Yeggs, Tumblers. Cracks and Pickers.
We trade, aid and try to make sense of it all.
For honor, glory and custard apples.


Members are advised to:
read and contribute to the Guild message board
change their underwear every day
Members are requested to:
be mannered and polite.
trade fair and aid.
try to build the Temple of Relics and Observatory rather sooner than later.
Members are expected to:
keep the Schatzmeister (Pangmu) informed of all goods boosts gained in provinces.
respond to direct message from other Guild members and especially Founders as soon as reasonably possible. (See12.b)
help by contributing Forge Points to the Great Buildings of other members.
contribute at least 7 encounters in each Guild Expedition.
regularly eat and enjoy custard apples.
Members in the most advanced age should ensure a contribution of goods from that age to the guild treasury until the treasury is sufficiently stocked to advance fully through three levels in the Expedition.
Members should try to inform a Founder directly if planning to be inactive for seven days (12.b., this is to stop Blockheeds helmet exploding).

For the smooth running of the Guild, and to ensure positive results in the GE, Founders will remove any member not adhering to these guidelines. invitations to re-join will be sent at the Founders discretion.

Locksmiths mainly is an invite/application only guild. This keeps out freeloaders and guild "croppers". Members are free to invite other players to join.
From time to time we open up for joining. If you join automatically, make sure to introduce yourself properly.

If you have difficulties, disappointments, discoveries or diabolical plans just ask and share. There are no problems - only solutions.

Any Member who finally makes sense of it all should inform the rest of the Guild immediately.

Name Timezone Industrial Age Colonial Age Late Middle Ages High Middle Ages Early Middle Ages Iron Age Bronze Age Update
Oleander. UTC+10:00 2017/10/04
Xathena UTC+12:00 2017/09/29
Blockheed UTC+02:00 2017/10/04
pangmu UTC+08:00 2017/10/04
DEMONWING UTC+01:00 2017/10/04
Belgrave07 UTC+12:00 2017/10/24
Belfazre UTC+01:00 2017/07/11
Antiope the White 405 UTC+11:00 2017/10/24
Azrael68 UTC+02:00 2017/09/02
Arthur the Just 2 UTC+12:00 2017/10/22
Pierre the Just 205 UTC-07:00 2017/10/23
Lyra Foresteye UTC+03:00 2017/09/16
Arjunabate75 UTC+10:00 2017/06/04
Luke796 UTC+01:00 2017/06/26